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Who is Valora?

Valora is a premier consulting company providing top-notch information technology services in Turkey and Europe. Valora excels in delivering consultancy and licensing services for a diverse range of SAP products. These encompass critical offerings like Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Fiori, Hana, Analytics, Customer and Supplier Relationship Management, and Human Resources Management. Valora has consistently been a trailblazer in various domains, successfully implementing the latest SAP products to provide innovative solutions that cater to the rapidly changing business landscape.

Valora sets the industry standard through its substantial research and development investments in new products and technologies within the SAP product range. Serving as an information technology solutions partner for numerous prominent companies spanning industries such as public agencies, Energy and Utilities Management Solutions, construction, pharmaceuticals, textile, and automotive, Valora transforms every project into a success story through its certified industrial solutions.

Valora: Your Trusted SAP Technical Consultancy Partner

At Valora, we are dedicated to helping businesses unlock the true potential of SAP technology. As a leading SAP technical consultancy company, we bring extensive expertise and industry knowledge to deliver tailored solutions that drive growth, streamline operations, and enhance decision-making processes. Our team of highly skilled and certified SAP consultants possesses a deep understanding of SAP's suite of products and solutions, allowing us to provide end-to-end services that align with your unique business requirements. From system implementations and upgrades to data migration and integration, we guide you through every stage of the SAP project lifecycle, ensuring seamless transitions and successful outcomes. With our customer-centric approach, commitment to excellence, and passion for innovation, Valora is your trusted partner for maximizing the value of SAP and propelling your business forward.

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Your Technical Partner Towards Success.

Valora is a leading consultancy company specializing in information technology services, particularly SAP solutions. With an experienced and certified team, Valora provides tailored consulting services to simplify and optimize complex processes for clients. Their expertise spans various industries, ensuring sector-specific insights and effective solutions. Valora's consultants align client requirements with the right system and process infrastructure, aiming for successful project outcomes and long-term objectives. Trust Valora to deliver exceptional service and expertise, maximizing the benefits of SAP products for your business.


Meet Valora and ensure continuity of high return on investments.

Valora offers Support Services to ensure the efficient and continuous operation of systems and applications after successful project implementation. Their competent support teams provide round-the-clock management and maintenance, guaranteeing the smooth functioning of critical processes. Valora's professional services help companies achieve a high return on their SAP investments, enabling them to focus on business development and growth objectives. With Valora as a reliable partner, businesses can rely on experienced support to keep their fundamental SAP systems and applications running smoothly at all times.


"Powering Success through Expert Project Management"

Valora offers Project Management Services that ensure successful and timely completion of digital transformation projects. Their expert team applies project-specific methodologies, prioritizes effective communication, and provides stakeholders with quick access to information. Using the Activate Methodology and Model Company concept, Valora enables fast and efficient project delivery while maximizing the understanding of SAP solutions. When embarking on SAP implementation or digital transformation, consult Valora for healthy, fast, and error-free results.


Empowering Your SAP Journey with Seamless Licensing and Maintenance Solutions"

Valora ensures precise positioning of license requirements for its clients and offers comprehensive license maintenance services to existing SAP clients, fully aligned with global SAP standards. In the ever-evolving SAP ecosystem, where product offerings, license types, and details are continuously updated, trust Valora's sales team to guide you in selecting the right license direction. Contact us today for expert assistance in making informed license decisions.


Empowering Your Business with Personalized Customer Solutions

Valora delivers Customized Customer Solutions tailored to your industry, operations, and unique business processes. They understand that off-the-shelf solutions may not fully meet specific requirements, so they customize technology and processes to ensure success. With extensive industry experience and technical expertise, Valora develops software and applications that address customer-specific needs effectively. By offering comprehensive services, including analysis, software development, and consultancy, Valora provides quick gains and helps you achieve a competitive edge. Trust Valora for customized solutions that align with your goals and drive your business forward.


Accelerating SAP Rollout Success with Expertise and Precision

Valora: Empowering Global Growth through Seamless SAP Rollout Projects. Our comprehensive service approach optimizes and centralizes company operations across countries and regions. With deep knowledge of local regulations and business specifics, we seamlessly integrate global processes with local requirements. Benefit from our experience in successful projects worldwide, minimizing costs and ensuring effective communication. Trust Valora for efficient rollouts, saving time and resources while complying with implementation timelines and localizing solutions for maximum impact.


Technical Modules

  • Fiori SAPUI5
  • SAP Basis
  • SAP Solution Manager


Functional Modules

  • Material Management (SAP MM)
  • Production Planning (SAP PP)
  • Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)
  • Quality Management (SAP QM)
  • Human Resource Management (SAP HRM)
  • Financial Accounting and Controlling (SAP FICO)
  • Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM)
  • Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)
  • Project System (SAP PS)



  • Unlock the power of real-time insights to enhance decision-making capabilities
  • Elevate performance by optimizing and reinventing processes for maximum efficiency
  • Drive productivity to new heights with the tailored and intuitive Fiori user experience
  • Experience reduced total cost of ownership through a simplified architecture that streamlines operations



Through the convergence of SAP and IoT, businesses can harness the potential of connected devices, sensors, and data to unlock valuable insights, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences.

By leveraging SAP's robust platform and IoT capabilities, organizations can effectively monitor, manage, and analyze real-time data from diverse sources, enabling proactive decision-making, predictive maintenance, and improved resource utilization.


SAP Cloud

  • S/4HANA Cloud
  • SAP Hybris
  • SAP Success Factors
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • SAP Cloud Analytics
  • SAP Ariba
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